Update on Coronavirus Outbreak (Pt 1)


The Coronavirus outbreak in China is testing the capacity of the Chinese Government to mobilize people and resources. I am confident China will prevail.

Sad times for Chinese friends and partners stuck at their homes over the Chinese New Year. The Chinese Government is busy fighting the virus, while fighting rumors and fake news. Like fake stories of thousands of people dying in the streets of Wuhan, Shanghai lock-down, or shortage of food across China.

One news that’s not fake: The construction of a 1,000-bed quarantined hospital in Wuhan, to be completed within 10 days. To avoid any criticism, the Government is live-streaming that construction. Check-out the live feed over here http://t.cn/A6PIeT14

Shanghai Government:

  • Opened psychological counseling hotline for those panicking.
  • Published and distributed booklets to help parents answer their kids’ questions.
  • Put in place hotlines nationwide to report shops that take advantage of the situation and increase prices.
  • Public universities are keeping everyone informed and providing free food and masks to those in need.

I will write an article later on to address the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on Chinese businesses. In one of my previous articles I talked about contracts in China. I hope that whoever is buying from or selling in China is taking a hard look at their current contractual arrangements. An interesting clause to revisit would be the Force Majeure one.