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Abdelhak benkerroum at alibaba talking sales with jiayou247

About me

I advise Alibaba, Shanghai Auto, Incubators, Chinese state-owned enterprises, and countless SME's on their business development strategies. Can yours be next? ¥es, of course! I lecture at universities, facilitate workshops, speak at events, and consult. Pick which one works for you.

Next step: Drop me a message here or @LinkedIn if your business needs to grow. If I can't offer value, I may know someone who can.

No immediate need? That's fine too. You can grab my book "We Have a Deal - 老外这样做销售” published by China Customs Administration (in English & Chinese) and let me know what do you think about it.

Work with me

You are a foreign entity with an interest in Chinese market

This is designed to make your China episode a successful, scalable, and sustainable one. It could consist of a corporate study trip, a consulting mission, or a training assignment. Whether you’re an individual or a corporation, a startup or a large company, my team of professional consultants can help you kick-off or accelerate your growth in the Chinese market. The goal is to help you navigate the Chinese waters and unlock opportunities in the 1.4 billion people-strong market. What are you waiting for?

You are a Chinese entity with an interest in foreign markets

I work with Chinese companies such as Alibaba or Shanghai Auto to help them grow their business internationally. My training and consulting programs revolve around Sales, Negotiation, Customer Service and Account Management. They are delivered in English or Chinese, in China or abroad, in one day or over a longer period of time, one-on-one or in groups, to small companies or large conglomerates. Contact me to discuss your immediate and future needs. I spend every minute of every day thinking about one thing: Helping clients grow.

You are a professor, a university, or an academic institution

I lecture at various local and foreign universities and business schools in China as visiting professor. These seminars are highly interactive and connected to daily issues businesses face in dealing with China. My two main topics are “Recent trends in Chinese economy”, and “Doing Business in/with China.” These consist of a cycle of seminars that could last between 1 and 5 days. Because China moves at an insanely fast pace, the content varies considerably from one month to the next.

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If I can’t be of help, I might know someone who can.